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What are the advantages of zinc steel fence?

Zinc steel fence quality and characteristics are more and more widely recognized and accepted, more and more people choose to use Zinc steel fence. Why Zinc steel fence will be so popular, it has what different characteristics and advantages?

First, it has solid durability. It uses high strength hot - plated steel and high - strength hot - plated materials, high safety; Its surface treatment USES electrostatic spray, so that the guardrail products have a good self-cleaning function, as long as the rain or water gun after washing and can take on a new look.

zinc steel fence

The 2nd, have beautiful diversity. Zinc steel fence appearance of the overall smooth lines, with a unique structural design, variety shows diversity, not only has a beautiful characteristics can play a better protective role; It has the characteristics of mild color, light and simple, more simple and beautiful than traditional metal guardrail; Able to harmonize with the surrounding environment and distinguish from other products; Good decorative, rich color, to meet the different customer requirements for guardrail products personality.

Third, it is widely applicable. Zinc steel fence surface after special treatment, there is a layer of electroplating layer protection film, with no rust, fade, powder, smooth, high strength, no rust, long life, wide range of application, to meet the different requirements of customers;

Fourth, it has good flexibility. The rigidity and flexibility of the base material make the fence products have better impact resistance. Zinc steel fence has the characteristics of hot galvanized steel, at the same time the surface after special treatment, resistance to salt fog, moisture and heat corrosion, can be used in different regions, weather resistance is strong.

Fifth, with environmental protection safety. Fine workmanship, reasonable supply and demand, strong process, product surface grinding smooth, no burrs, anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment in place, uniform coating, good permeability, does not affect the visual line of sight; Weather resistance, aging resistance, insect resistance, function in place, in line with safe spacing and strong strength.

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