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Material selection of balcony fence

Balcony fence includes wrought Iron balcony railings, Aluminum alloy balcony railing, PVC balcony railings, follow me to look at them to have what advantage respectively now:

1, wrought iron balcony railings: durable, easy to install, suitable for large areas, the price is relatively affordable, the style is old, with the promotion of modern architecture, wrought iron balcony rails use less.

Balcony fence

2. Aluminum alloy balcony railing: After the surface of the aluminum alloy guardrail is coated with powder, it will not rust and will not produce light pollution; light weight, impact resistance; and solid welding, so the usage volume increases year by year.

3, PVC balcony railings: mainly used for isolation and protection of the residential community balcony; variety of styles, both European and American fashion elements, full of beauty; feel delicate, green; high strength, strong impact resistance, long life.

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